The Teacher’s Conference NG 2017 is a 2-day professional development experience that brings educators across the nation for thought-provoking sessions, networking and practical new teaching ideas, educational innovations and EdTech tools to take back to the classroom to enhance and give best experience to learners. We call for application from Nigerian teachers across all level of education and subject area who are excited to drive transformation, advocate for 21st-century skills in Nigerian classrooms through a good pedagogy and innovative technologies, and professional growth.

Objective of the Conference:

  • To provide development opportunities for educators to give learners quality education and learning experience that prepare them for rapid economic and social change.
  • To empower educators in designing an engaging, meaningful, and authentic work and technology-enhanced learning experiences.

Attendees benefits:

Attendees benefits are, but not limited to the following:

  • Learn and gain professional skills
  • Personal and professional development growth
  • Share and Learn from other passionate educators
  • Discover new way to engage and empower your students
  • Access to EdTech curriculum and guides
  • Access to EdTech tools, Technologies, and tips to help boost student engagement, collaboration, and productivity

Conference impact and Value

  • Professional growth and personal development of attendees using Educational Technology tools
  • Overall transformational and lifelong impact on Nigerian Education system
  • Top-down impact of lifelong learning for learners