Among other challenges facing Nigeria Education Sector; unsatisfactory and unharnessed potentials of the teachers are one of the major contributing factors to the poor and degenerating state of Nigeria Education system. In the information age, where rapid development in technology has revolutionized the way we do just about everything, including education. There are no professional development programs that support Nigerian teachers in preparing learners for realities of today’s workplace and future’s most significant challenges.

The conference brings educators across Nigeria for thought-provoking sessions, networking and practical hands-on sessions on EdTech tools and innovative pedagogical approaches.

 Conference Objectives:

  • To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Nigerian teachers in the classrooms
  • To promote efficient use of EdTech tools and innovative pedagogical methods for impactful teaching and learning
  • To provide, support, and encourage professional development opportunities among teachers at all levels

Attendees benefits:

  • Access to innovative pedagogical methods to improve the quality of teaching
  • Access to EdTech tools to boost the rate of knowledge transfer for student engagement, collaboration, and productivity
  • Meet, collaborate and network with creative and passionate educators across Nigeria